Overflo Productions Turns it Up with dBTechnologies

While many of the greatest soul, pop, and country hits may have been recorded at Rick Hall’s FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, you only need to cross the Tennessee River into the town of Florence, to find Overflo Productions, a company making a name for itself in live sound with a new VIO rig from dBTechnologies.

Overflo is owned by Tim Spidel and offers sound, lighting, video, and set design services. With a client list ranging from Ludacris to CCM rockers Tenth Avenue North and country chart-toppers including the Drive By Truckers, the company is burning it up both on the road and at festivals and other events.

Overflo Productions Turns it Up with dBTechnologies

“We’ve always had work coming in from all directions,” Spidel relates. “Recently our needs grew for a reliable, solid-performing line array that wasn’t insanely expensive, as all of our clients want to sound great and cover a lot of people, but most don’t have an endless budget.”

Having already established a relationship four years ago with dBTechnologies that allowed them to leverage the power of the Italian company’s DVA line array technology, Overflo expanded its inventory this year to include a number of offerings from the self-powered VIO family of products. With 16 VIO L210 and eight VIO L208 active, two-way enclosures now at their disposal, along with a dozen VIO S218 subwoofers, Overflo controls its VIO rig using dBTechnologies RDNet Control interfaces communicating with the cabinets via Aurora Net software.

“These boxes are incredibly compact and light,” Spidel says. “They are perfect when we have to get the power and coverage of a massive show packed into a small truck or bus trailer. Seeing what little space they occupy has shocked some of the artists and managers we work with. If they’ve never seen or heard a VIO system before, we’re ready for them to be skeptical. All we can say is ‘trust us’. We have yet to let anyone down.”

Spidel has found that the loudspeakers also deploy quickly. “If you’ve done your array calculations correctly, you’re at a great starting point right out of the gate,” he adds, “and it takes little from there to dial everything in. The coverage, throw, and sonic quality—they exceed expectations. The separation is great all the way down to the low-end. Our business and profitability have increased since we made this move. It only makes sense to buy more.”

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