Premium Point-Source loudSpeaker Technology

True Stereo, for the entire audience.

AeroWave™ is designed to minimize interference and reverberations experienced with typical line array systems, ensuring that everyone in attendance has the same experience.

Simple and Elegant

AeroWave™ doesn’t rely on complex software processing to achieve its goal. Our proprietary manifold system directs power from multiple drivers into precisely designed waveguides, resulting in constant horizontal and vertical coverage.

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A Rich History

Ocean Way Audio has been producing acclaimed high fidelity studio reference monitors for over 40 years. AeroWave™ takes that same renowned technology and studio quality audio to live venues.


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About Ocean Way Audio

Founded by five-time Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Allen Sides, Ocean Way Audio has been a go-to manufacturer for custom loudspeaker systems and studio reference monitors for over 40 years.

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