BASSBOSS is proud to announce that the much anticipated MK3 series is now arriving to dealers nationwide. MK3 brings performance improvements and an enhanced user experience – with an upgraded 96kHz DSP, weatherproof inputs, waterproof power connectors, global power compatibility, and improved amplifier power allocation.  Additionally, the new ControlBASS software for easy remote management is being introduced.

“Following the announcement of the new feature-filled BASSBOSS MK3 series and the electrifying demo experience at NAMM ’23, we are massively excited that dealers will finally be able to deliver this world-class solution,” noted National Sales Manager Samia Scoda. “The level of enthusiasm across the board for the brand and this new series is unprecedented, and is a testament to BASSBOSS’s customer-centric design focus. For customers who seek incredible performance and value, MK3 delivers!”

The upgraded DSP in the MK3 series boasts significantly more processing power. The 96kHz sampling rate is double that of previous generations. Users will immediately notice higher resolution, a lower noise floor, and even greater fidelity. The number of directly accessible preset curves has doubled from 4 to 8, and presets can be easily cycled at the touch of a button with no signal drop-outs. Up to 100 additional on-board presets are available via the intuitive ControlBASS software.

A new integrated 2-port networking switch allows for cascaded network configurations for control of multiple cabinets at once. The easy-to-use ControlBASS application, available for both Mac and Windows, enables users to monitor system status, control levels, and update processing options remotely.

In addition to the new DSP, BASSBOSS has also updated its amplifiers to improve power utilization. The new amplifiers allocate more power to low-frequency channels – where more power is always needed – increasing overall system output capacity. The MK3 series power supplies are operable on inputs from 90-250VAC, allowing more efficient operation on generators and power distribution systems, as well as making them electrically compatible worldwide. The MK3 line also features rugged Neutrik powerCON TOP (True Outdoor Protection) power connectors, providing IP65 level protection for added peace of mind in harsh conditions.

“It has been a long time and a lot of work to incorporate all the updates I wanted to include, but the BASSBOSS MK3 series has finally arrived!” noted BASSBOSS President and Designer, David Lee. “l am thrilled to be able to provide these upgrades in performance and features to our customers. I believe they enhance the value of the products significantly, now and far into the future.”


Winners of UPnXt DJ Contest Announced

The 2023 DJX Show UpnXt DJ Contest for aspiring youth DJs has come to an exciting conclusion. After intense competition and a display of exceptional talent, BASSBOSS is proud to announce the winners of the social media video challenge, who now have the opportunity to showcase their DJ skills at DJX’23, held at the Atlantic City Hard Rock Hotel in August.

DJ Dillion (Dillon Jordan, 17) took the top spot as the challenge winner, with his great material choices and innovative style. At just 8 years old, DJ Dillion asked his parents to get him a DJ controller – and ever since has been dedicated to learning his craft. He has now been DJing for 9 years, and in addition to winning the UPnXt Challenge, he has won numerous other contests, including the 2020 We Are Hip-Hop DJ Battle and the 2021 CLT DJ Battle.

DJ Giz and DJ EliT (Franklin Burch, 12 and Elijah Thomas,14) secured second and third place, respectively. Their infectious beats and undeniable talent impressed the judges, and their performances promise to show how younger DJs are pushing the field forward.

The winner will receive an exclusive VIP trip to Atlantic City, NJ – including an all-access pass to DJX’23. Furthermore, all three winners get to perform a DJ set at the renowned BASSBOSS “Demolition Room” and floor booth during DJX’23.

“We are thrilled to congratulate DJ Dillion, DJ Giz, and DJ EliT for their remarkable talent in the UpnXt Challenge,” said Lian Amber, CEO of BASSBOSS. “Their skills, dedication and passion for music have shone through, and we cannot wait to witness their sets at DJX’23! These young DJs are the future of the industry, and we are proud to provide them with this opportunity to shine.”

The UPnXt DJ Contest was a unique collaboration between BASSBOSS and the #NoChaser International Kidz DJ Cafe, a self-funded organization that provides a safe space for children to learn and grow through music and art programs. Located in Philadelphia, PA, the Kidz Cafe aims to educate youth on the art of DJing, aspects of DJ history and culture, and running a successful entertainment business. Participating youth DJs have various opportunities at local radio stations and venues, including corporate events, large social gatherings, and weddings.

The UPnXt Challenge brought together both BASSBOSS’ and Kidz DJ Cafe’s passion for music and the desire to showcase and support young talent. To enter, youth DJs submitted five minute videos of a DJ performance, and were evaluated on musical material, DJ skills, and presentation.

All contestants of the UPnXt Challenge will also be performing at a Silent Disco party on Tuesday evening in the BASSBOSS Demo Room, as well as Immolakee Studio B at the Hard Rock Hotel, Atlantic City NJ from 6-8 PM, and all day on Wednesday, August 9th at the BASSBOSS Booth #503 on the floor of the trade show.

DJX’23 will also be hosting a youth-driven panel discussion featuring International Kidz Cafe youth, where they will describe the challenges faced by non-typical DJs of all ages and demographics in their seminar “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.” Expect a session filled with solutions and inspiration on Tuesday, August 8th in Hollywood Ballroom East at 4:30pm.



Acclaimed speaker manufacturer BASSBOSS is set to have its largest presence ever at the upcoming DJX Show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ from August 8th-10th.

Along with daily DJ performances and events at the BASSBOSS Booth (#503) in the exhibit hall, the brand will also offer information sessions, product demos, AMA live stream events with BASSBOSS Designer David Lee, and ongoing DJ sets at their “Demolition Room” in Immokalee Studio B during the entire show.

BASSBOSS demonstration events are legendary for their intensity and excitement. The company pulls out all the stops when presenting their line of high-output, high-performance loudspeakers and subwoofers, with many designs geared towards the needs of mobile DJs who seek to provide the best in sound reinforcement for their clients. Attendees will get to experience BASSBOSS’ newly updated MK3 speaker lineup, featuring an all-new amplifier and DSP combination offering big benefits in clarity, efficiency, processing, and ease of use.

Also new this year, BASSBOSS sponsored the #UPnXtDJ Contest, in which youth DJs aged 8-19 showcased their skills and competed to perform live at DJX’23. The winners and contestants will be performing all day Wednesday August 9th at the BASSBOSS floor booth, as well as a contestant’s mixer and performance event from 6-8 PM in the Immokalee Studio B Room.

On Tuesday night (August 8th), show attendees can hear BASSBOSS in action at the nearby Landshark bar and grill. From 8pm until midnight, check out the Senate DJs’ flagship Red House crew performing Party Rock and Club sets as part of the Red Party.

Allen & Heath BASSBOSS

Allen & Heath and BASSBOSS to Power ocV!BE Guitar Festival  

The inaugural ocV!BE Guitar Fest will take place at Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, on Saturday, July 29. Honda Center is home to the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks, and will serve as the anchor for ocV!BE, a $4 billion, sustainable, mixed-use, live entertainment district scheduled to break ground later this year.

This large-scale guitar event will feature major North American music merchants, retail stores, vintage dealers, boutique guitar, amp, and pedal builders, private collectors, and accessory makers – with unique opportunities to buy, sell, and trade gear.

The festival will also feature a live performance stage with well-known guitar icons rocking out, including Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon), Bruce Kulick (KISS, Grand Funk Railroad), Greg Bissonette (Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band), Matt Bissonette (Elton John) and Griff Hamlin (Single Barrel Blues Band). The stage will be powered by a 96kHz Allen & Heath Avantis mixing console, along with a GX4816 48-input stagebox and a 16-input DX168 expander. Avantis is well suited for mixing arena venues, with 64 channels of robust input processing, as well as 42 fully configurable busses.

The PA system will be provided by renowned speaker manufacturer BASSBOSS – featuring dual AT212 powered 2-way loudspeakers, and multiple SSP215 subwoofers. Both models provide clear and powerful output in a compact and lightweight form factor that is easy to transport and set up.

“The fact that Allen & Heath’s digital consoles are dominating the marketplace is evident and well-deserved,” noted Bruce Adolph, co-promoter of the festival. “I personally heard a demo of the BASSBOSS speakers and I was so impressed with their clarity and richness – the full sound spectrum. I couldn’t ask for more to have this combination sponsor our MainStage at the inaugural ocV!BE Guitar Festival. Our guest guitar, drumand bass artists are going to sound great!”

“We’re honored to have been selected to provide audio equipment for this event,” said Rob Impala, VP of Pro Audio for American Music and Sound. “With the impressive lineup of performances, the audience deserves to get the best possible sound. Allen & Heath and BASSBOSS make for a perfect combination.”



BASSBOSS is taking its professional speaker products to the next level with the announcement of the MK3 line update, adding performance gains and user experience enhancements across the brand’s entire line of highly regarded products. Featuring an all-new 96kHz sampling rate DSP, weather-isolated inputs, waterproof power connectors, global power compatibility, improved power allocation, and a brand-new control software for remote management, the MK3 update confirms BASSBOSS is committed to providing quality, convenience, and performance to their customers.

“The purpose of an immaculate sound system is to facilitate the transfer of images, textures, emotions, and states of being from the imagination of the artist directly to the imagination of the listener. Listening should feel like being plugged-in to the heart and soul of the artist and it should facilitate the transportation of the listener to another realm of experience,” noted BASSBOSS Designer and President, David Lee. “Any deterioration of the signal degrades the quality of that experience and disrespects the art. The updates and upgrades to the MK3 line were all made in service of that goal.”

The upgraded DSP in the MK3 series features significantly more processing power. The 96kHz sampling rate, double that of previous generations, yields a higher digital audio resolution, a lower noise floor, and even greater fidelity than ever before. For quick adjustments, the onboard touch-of-a-button DSP now offers 8 precisely tailored preset alignment curves. Navigation through these presets has been further enhanced by allowing instant switching without any audible dropouts or artifacts.

The new integrated 2-port networking switch allows for cascade LAN configurations and the ability to access a nearly unlimited number of presets in the highly intuitive ControlBASS remote software. If users aren’t physically near their speakers, they now have the option to change presets remotely using ControlBASS. The easy-to-use Mac and Windows application will allow users to monitor system status for their cabinets, control levels, and conveniently update to newly released processing options via an internet-based upload function. Along with a host of other features such as remote diagnostic monitoring and loudspeaker group architecture, the MK3 series truly allows users to take control of their systems.

In addition to the all-new DSP, BASSBOSS has updated their amplifiers to greatly improve power utilization. “For example, the previous amplifier in the DV12 was rated at 3000W total, with the maximum power available to the woofer being 1600W, but the tweeter couldn’t possibly take advantage of the 1400 watts that were available on the second channel,” explained Lee. “Since the demand for power is overwhelmingly on the woofer side that arrangement didn’t allow for the ultimate performance of the system. The new amplifier is asymmetrical, so a much larger channel drives the woofer with up to 2400 Watts, while a smaller, 800W channel still provides an abundance of power for the tweeter.”

With 90-250VAC compatibility in all MK3 series power supplies, not only can the products be used worldwide, they can also be configured to run more efficiently on generators and power distribution systems.

“These products allow you to take music anywhere you want it, but sometimes weather can be a concern,” explained Lee. “In order to give you one less thing to worry about, we included waterproof power connectors and an internally isolated input section.” The new MK3 line features rugged Neutrik powerCON TOP (True Outdoor Protection) power connectors, providing IP65 level protection for peace of mind wherever the music happens.


American Music and Sound Adds BASSBOSS to its Distribution Roster

Inspired by over three decades of research and development into the physics and psychology of perception and loudspeaker design, BASSBOSS provides an extensive range of loudspeaker products designed to excel in mobile, concert, festival, and nightclub applications. Leveraging the expertise of BASSBOSS Designer David Lee, paired with the strategic vision and leadership of CEO Lian Amber, the brand has reached new sales and branding heights in recent years. In order to continue this trend, BASSBOSS has appointed American Music and Sound, a division of Exertis | JAM, as their exclusive distributor for North America. 

BASSBOSS Products on Display

“It is our honor to team up with Lian and David and the passionate team at BASSBOSS,” said American Music and Sound VP of Pro Audio, Rob Impala. “I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the jaw-dropping sonic performance of BASSBOSS myself—and had the company on the AM&S radar for some time. It is exciting to kick off the partnership and begin to connect our extensive network of dealers with this hot best-in-class product.”  

American Music and Sound is firmly established in the Music Creation and Pro Audio markets, providing US distribution for many leading brands such as Allen & Heath, Focusrite, Hercules, Nord, Reloop and Xone. With the addition of BASSBOSS, AM&S has further strengthened its ability to provide the highest quality products to its customers.  

“As passionate believers in the power of music to bring people together, BASSBOSS has focused on developing products that offer exceptional performance and value,” notes BASSBOSS CEO Lian Amber. “We are extraordinarily excited about our AM&S partnership as it will allow us to bring the intensity and quality of our designs to a wider audience of future BASSBOSS Family, and expand the range of products we produce.” With her deep experience in the music industry and Designer David Lee’s revolutionary products, AM&S looks forward to the expansion of the BASSBOSS brand.