Ocean Way Audio Releases GLL Loudspeaker Data for AeroWave AW9090

Ocean Way Audio, a leading manufacturer of premium speakers, has released GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) Data for their highly acclaimed AeroWave 9090 systems. The aptly named AeroWave 9090 speakers offer 90 degrees of coverage in both the horizontal and vertical planes, ensuring that the entire audience has the same sonic experience.

The GLL data contain comprehensive measurements of frequency response and polar patterns for AeroWave 9090 loudspeakers. These data have been precisely measured and analyzed, and are now available for use with EASE and EASE Focus 3 acoustic simulation software. Data for the 9045 (90×45 degree) models are also available.

The newly released GLL files allow users of AeroWave to accurately model and visualize the performance of the 9090 loudspeakers in various configurations and environments. This data is an essential tool for audio professionals, helping them to make informed decisions about loudspeaker placement, EQ settings, and other critical aspects of PA system design and optimization.

For those looking to hear AeroWave in person, Ocean Way Audio will be hosting a free listening experience in Nashville, TN on September 29th and 30th (registration:

“I am beyond thrilled the AeroWave 9090 GLLs are now available,” said National Sales Manager Samia Scoda. “With surging waves of interest and an upcoming AeroWave Listening Experience at Belmont University’s prestigious Fisher Hall, timing could not be more ideal.”

“It gives me great pleasure to see the new GLLs for the AW9090,” said Ocean Way Audio CEO Allen Sides. “The data irrefutably confirm what we already knew about AeroWave: The system delivers unprecedented stereo coverage and fidelity for the entire audience.” The 9090 and 9045 GLL loudspeaker data are free to download now for all AeroWave users, and can be accessed through Ocean Way Audio’s website at