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Lancaster Wedding Venue Simplifies with Allen & Heath AHM

The Leola Village Inn is a boutique hotel in a historic village near Lancaster,
Pennsylvania, that offers luxury accommodations, spa services, Italian dining, and a
sustainable lifestyle. The hotel is close to many attractions in Lancaster County, such as
theaters, shopping, antiques, and Amish culture.

The Inn recently decided to upgrade the audio system in their wedding venue, seeking
improved sound quality and simplified control for the staff. “The client expressed the
need for high levels of control at their fingertips, with the simplicity and consistency that
comes from a fully integrated, intentionally designed platform,” explained Herb Seureth,
Systems Integrator at STRAY Productions. “Naturally, we looked at Allen & Heath’s AHM
as an ideal solution. We are always aiming for the right overlap between capabilities and
cost with the solutions we provide, and the AHM platform fit those needs perfectly.”

The new AHM system feeds the primary wedding reception room, as well as the cocktail
hour space. Exterior porticos and kitchen zones were also brought under the
management of the AHM system, which allowed for granular routing of various sources
to specific locations around the facility.

STRAY also installed several Dante endpoints in the spaces to allow for mic and line
level connections wherever the DJ or musicians set up for a particular event. These
inputs, coupled with wireless microphone options and a house music server, give the
AHM plenty of sources to work with. The processor’s built-in GPIO functionality also
allows for on/off control of system amplification, by storing presets that will activate or
deactivate the relayed outlets installed in the rack.

An Allen & Heath IP8 8-fader controller is also stationed in the equipment rack, providing
simple adjustment of both inputs and outputs as they feed each zone. Wiring was
provided for deployment of future IP8s in additional locations, should the client’s needs
change over time.

“It was important to the client that they be friendly to the neighbors around the property
in how the SPL gets managed; particularly the low frequencies,” explained System
Designer Kurt Lesh. “To accomplish this, main PAs and subwoofers were fed to different
zones for both of the available reinforcement systems. This allows venue management
to stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to overall levels, rather than the DJ or the guest

Further control was added via a tailored app made with Allen & Heath’s Custom Control
platform, offering fader and mute control for various sources and zones.

This was STRAY’s first time installing AHM, and it exceeded the installers’ expectations.
“I’ve been really impressed with the robust routing options,” noted Lesh. “We have full
control in programming what goes where, making the day-to-day client experience as
simple as possible.

Lesh also appreciated the speed at which the AHM platform could be configured. “It’s
amazing how quickly we were able to go from unboxing, to integrating into our network,
then making it controllable by the included IP8 and, ultimately, ready for deployment on

The Leola Village Inn may be a historic venue with character and charm, but its audio
control system is anything but old-fashioned. The power of the AHM provides this venue
with simple, effective, and consistent sound reinforcement that further enhances the
guest experience in the venue.


Cincinnati’s Nightlife Booms with BASSBOSS at Tulua Nightclub

Tulua Nightclub and Cocktail Bar, a cutting-edge entertainment destination in Cincinnati, OH, is revolutionizing the local nightlife experience with its exceptional audio offerings, proudly featuring a state-of-the-art BASSBOSS sound system.

Tulua Nightclub and Cocktail Bar has made a significant investment in audio excellence by incorporating six BASSBOSS DiaMon top speakers and two SSP218 Subwoofers, establishing a new benchmark for audio quality and ensuring unforgettable nights on the town.

“Back in the day, the first time I heard BASSBOSS, I worked at a club in a 20,000 square foot building,” recalled Daniel Newell, co-owner of Tulua Nightclub. “We were having issues with sound, and then we replaced three of the dual 18-inch cabinets with VS21 Powered Subwoofers and it just brought the place to life. That’s what sold me on BASSBOSS.”

Newell notes that Tulua Nightclub’s BASSBOSS sound has significantly enhanced the experience for its patrons. “We wanted something that was going to be different from every other bar and club we’ve seen in town. BASSBOSS fit the bill. The DiaMon tops were the perfect fit aesthetically, but I was skeptical about the amount of output they would create. I really didn’t think that they would be as loud as they are!”

The BASSBOSS system’s exceptional low frequencies have been a standout feature for Tulua Nightclub. Newell adds, “the lower frequencies you don’t feel from an off-the-shelf subwoofer. You really feel it in your chest and from the vibrations of the building. It’s the wildest thing, things outside the building are rattling! It shows the frequencies that go down to levels you can’t even hear, but you can feel.”

Guests at Tulua Nightclub have also been blown away by the crystal clear sound quality that the BASSBOSS system delivers. Newell commented, “it’s amazing how clear the speakers are. There’s nothing comparable in size to the size-to-output ratio.”

Newell is also sold on the system’s reliability and durability. “Pretty much every club DJ just takes it to the extreme level,” he explained. “I’ve worked in clubs for 15 years and I’ve seen speakers failing on a weekly basis, speakers going out, amplifiers blowing, having to change out woofers, you name it, I’ve seen it. With BASSBOSS, you can push them right to the extreme – and they just keep going. We haven’t had any issues so far, and we push them seven days a week. BASSBOSS is on another level.”

To fellow club owners and managers looking for an exceptional audio system, Newell has this to say, “I would highly recommend BASSBOSS. It’s a great product. The gear is built like a tank. I would have no hesitation recommending any BASSBOSS product.”

Tulua Nightclub and Cocktail Bar’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled audio experience sets it apart as the premier destination for those seeking a captivating and immersive nightlife encounter in Cincinnati. The addition of BASSBOSS’s cutting-edge sound system has elevated the club’s atmosphere to new heights.

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California Guitar Trio Upgrades Performances with Allen & Heath CQ

California Guitar Trio, a unique genre-bending group featuring three guitar virtuosos, has been performing internationally since 1991. “We have played over two thousand concerts in the past 32 years,” noted CGT member Paul Richards. “Each of us comes from a different musical background, including classical, surf, jazz, metal, classic rock, and blues – all of those influences have meshed into our performances. The Trio performs with a mix of original compositions and unique cover songs from bands like Queen, Pink Floyd, and the Beach Boys.

The group had been touring with their own mixing console for a while, but realized that they needed something better suited to their needs. “A house engineer at a recent gig told us that all our gear was top-of-the line, except our mixer,” explained Richards. “It was hurting both the sound of our live performances and our concert recordings.”

After some research, the band came across Allen & Heath and their new CQ series – which offered the processing, sound quality, and recording capabilities that they needed. “Allen & Heath stood out for a number of reasons, but the main draw was upgraded sound quality,” explained Richards. “Right when we first set it up, everything fell into place and we knew we made the right decision.”

The California Guitar Trio now tours with an Allen & Heath CQ-12T, which offers 12 channels of input processing and 8 outputs with an intuitive touchscreen interface. “The difference in ease of use and overall sound quality was clear right away,” said Richards. “The improved clarity was very much noticeable and everything worked flawlessly.”

Each guitarist in the trio has their own pedal board with a DI that interfaces directly with the mixer. During soundcheck, Richards now takes advantage of CQ’s Gain Assistant to speed up the process of setting the preamps. “We plug in and I have each of the guys play a little bit, and it just automatically sets the levels. We are then very quickly able to set up the mix. It’s so fast!”

The band records every performance directly to a USB drive on the mixer, which they then duplicate and distribute with other merchandise after the show. “With the CQ, the live recordings now sound like studio recordings,” remarked Richards. “We had people buy our USB drives and listen in their car, then return just to tell us how great it sounded. The quality is so far beyond what we had done previously.”

Richards set up one of the user-defined SoftKeys on his CQ to start and stop USB recording, so he has quick and easy control. “When I walk out on stage, I just hit that SoftKey and it turns red to indicate that the show is recording. It makes our lives much easier.” California Guitar Trio is currently on tour, with upcoming dates in the United States in January 2024.

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Ashly Audio Taps Excellence Marketing In Expansion Of Minnesota Region

WEBSTER, New YorkAshly Audio™, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance signal processing equipment and power amplification for use in the commercial sound contracting and professional  Inaudio markets, today announces a new partnership with Excellence Marketing. The independent manufacturers’ representative firm will be taking over representation of the Ashly line in the Minnesota, Dakotas & Western Wisconsin territory.

In business for over 35 years, Excellence owes its success to changing and adapting with the times, evolving technology, and customer needs.  Their team of experienced sales engineers provide a diverse range of top AV products to customers in their markets. Excellence Principal, Mark Mitchell states; “Our team is truly excited to be representing Ashly. We feel Ashly’s product is a perfect fit with our line card and we have long heard nothing but positive comments about Ashly in the marketplace.  We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Ashly as we work together to bring performance-driven solutions to our market”.

“Excellence Marketing’s reputation preceded them, and we just knew they would be a great fit for us. We’re very proud to have them on board,” says Ashly General Manager, Noel Larson. “Their expertise in the AV industry and their knowledge of the Minnesota territory, coupled with Ashly solutions will make for a formidable combination in our effort to grow the Midwest region”.

About Ashly Audio

Ashly Audio, a Division of Exertis | JAM, is a world leader in the design and manufactureof high-quality, high-performance signal processing equipment and power amplificationfor use in the commercial sound contracting and professional audio markets. The company is headquartered in Webster, New York U.S.A.

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Michigan Expansion Unleashed as Ashly Audio Partners with IAV Sales

WEBSTER, New York Ashly Audio™, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance signal processing equipment and power amplification for use in the commercial sound contracting and professional audio markets, today announces a new partnership with IAV Sales. The independent manufacturers’ representative firm will be taking over representation of the Ashly line covering the state of Michigan.

Based in the vibrant city of Detroit, MI, IAV is one of the most well-respected rep firms in the Mid-west, which for 35 years has been focused on audio, video and lighting systems for the commercial AV, broadcast, rental, and retail sectors in the Michigan sales territory. Having been the Harman rep for many years and dealing with some of the most prestigious lines in the industry, Principal Andrew Combs was motivated to join forces with Ashly in order to bring more innovative solutions to the market. “We at IAV are so excited to bring Ashly to our customers!” says Andy. “Ashly allows us to give them the quality combination of magnificent systems, delivery and service that they expect. IAV‘s goal has always been to be the best one-stop shop for all your AV needs, and a top brand such as Ashly will be a key to maintaining that goal”. 

“Ashly is very proud to have IAV Sales as our new Michigan rep” says Ashly General Manager, Noel Larson. “Their long-standing experience with some of the world’s leading AV manufacturers and strong customer relationships will be mutually beneficial and reinforce our strategy for growth in the Midwest market”.

Ashly Audio

Ashly Audio To Boost Midwest Sales Growth With Robert Louis Associates

WEBSTER, New York Ashly Audio™, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance signal processing equipment and power amplification for use in the commercial sound contracting and professional audio markets, today announces a new partnership with Robert Louis Associates. The independent manufacturers’ representative firm will be taking over representation of the Ashly line in the territory of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Robert Louis Associates is a company with a strong regional presence and a long, proven track record of excellence in the realm of audio technology. With an exceptional team of audio aficionados and a passion for delivering top-tier products and services, RLA is perfectly positioned to take Ashly Audio to new heights in the Midwest. “The RLA team is very excited to be representing the Ashly line”, says CEO and Principal Rep Robert Podolinski. RLA has over 30 years of experience in audio amplification, DSP, and mixing sales, having built our reputation with premier companies such as Harman Pro. We are excited to work with a manufacturer that demonstrates the ability to deliver solid products, provide exceptional service, and keep top talent. Ashly Audio is a line that will help RLA dealers in the sales region of “get the job DONE”.”

“Ashly is elated to have RLA working on our behalf,” says Ashly General Manager, Noel Larson. “We know RLA’s excellent reputation and years of experience will be of mutual benefit in growing our business in the Mid-west and we are excited to be partnering with them. We will be significantly upping our game with RLA on board”.

Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath to Show Off New Products and Offer Training at 2023 AES Show

Leading audio console manufacturer Allen & Heath is preparing for a large presence at the 2023 AES show in New York City, with an expanded booth and daily training sessions. The main booth (#625) on Level 3 of Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Center will feature the full range of Allen & Heath products, including the newly released CQ series of compact digital mixers. Customers will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the new products, and receive advice from Allen & Heath’s expert staff.

Free training sessions will also be offered in room 1E05 of the convention center, with Allen & Heath Live Sound and Touring Manager Michael Bangs hosting official dLive Certification and Live Sound Training courses throughout the show.

This year’s Allen & Heath booth will also feature the AHM series of audio matrix processors, which provide solutions for commercial installations in schools, restaurants, houses of worship, and other similar environments. Along with the processors themselves, Allen & Heath will be demonstrating various hardware and software control interfaces, as well as the variety of expanders comprising the “Everything I/O” ecosystem.

“We are especially excited to return to AES this year and show off the new CQ Series digital mixer range,” notes Allen & Heath USA Director of Marketing Jeff Hawley. “The first large batch of CQ units have made their way out to engineers and the feedback from users and dealers has been very positive. This is a great opportunity for folks who haven’t yet had a chance to experience the CQ first-hand to give it a test drive. Of course our award-winning AHM, Avantis, dLive, SQ, and Qu range will also be on hand with networked interactive tracks ready for fans to play with. We’re also looking forward to presenting dLive Certification sessions alongside a selection of user-requested special training sessions at the show. We’ll see you there!”

Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath Earns 2023 Commercial Integration Award for Cornerstone Tavern Project

Allen & Heath is the proud recipient of a 2023 Commercial Integration award for Best Bars and Restaurants Project. Presented by Commercial Integrator, the awards highlight standout projects from the last year, with consideration for the technology behind the installation itself, the customer reaction, and the creative solutions by the integrator.

The project behind this year’s award win was Cornerstone Tavern in Raleigh, North Carolina. The installation, carried out by local installers at Precision Audio, featured a main Allen & Heath AHM series processor with networked I/O distribution and a custom tailored mobile app for the end users, designed  with Allen & Heath’s Custom Control platform.

Designed for commercial audio distribution, Allen & Heath AHM series processors provide easy control and installation, scalable I/O and control, and powerful FPGA audio processing.

The new Cornerstone Tavern system solved several problems for the unique venue, including centralizing the audio distribution system for the tavern’s multiple buildings, and offering simplified control for employees. “We’re honored to work with great integrators like (Precision Audio’s) Scott Carneval who are able to design and implement creative solutions, and who genuinely care about the client and the end-user experience,” said Allen & Heath Commercial Audio Manager Samantha Potter. “This award is shared with him, and the terrific engineering team at Allen & Heath.”


AeroWave Listening Event in Nashville Draws Widespread Acclaim

Renowned speaker manufacturer Ocean Way Audio recently held a listening event for their innovative AeroWave live sound reinforcement system, giving attendees an opportunity to hear the revolutionary new technology first-hand. Spanning two days at the Fisher Center for Performing Arts at Belmont University in Nashville, the event included multiple listening demos, as well as Q&A sessions with Ocean Way CEO Allen Sides and Director of New Technology Cliff Henricksen.

The well-attended event delivered a unique experience, as guests were encouraged to move through the audience and listen to the balanced horizontal and vertical coverage AeroWave offers throughout the listening space.

“The innovation Ocean Way Audio delivers in this system goes well beyond what traditional technologies allow, and transports the audience into a Hi-Fi Studio Stereo Experience,” said National Sales Manager, Samia Scoda. “The native performance of this system speaks volumes as well, as it took only minutes to deploy and balance. Achieving such a perfect sonic result at this scale and in such short order is simply incomprehensible.”

“The reactions from guests at this event confirmed what we already know about this new system,” remarked CEO Allen Sides. “AeroWave delivers perfect stereo to every seat with flawless imaging, totally transparent and completely natural sound without a trace of harshness, resulting in true high fidelity from 20Hz to 20kHz for everyone.”

Ocean Way Audio will be holding additional listening events in the future for AeroWave, which is currently available through exclusive distributor American Music and Sound.

Allen & Heath

Industry Veteran Tom Der Appointed to Director of Market Development, Allen & Heath USA 

Allen & Heath USA is proud to announce that Tom Der has been appointed to fill the Director of Market Development role. Along with market development activities, the Director of Market Development directs Allen & Heath USA product segment managers and provides guidance for company-wide product training programs, on-site training, and commissioning. Tom is a graduate of Memphis State University (Commercial Music with Emphasis in Recording Engineering) and in his formative years worked in Nashville as an assistant engineer on many major label records including REM’s ‘Document’ and Lyle Lovett’s first album. During this time he was also active in Nashville’s burgeoning underground rock scene as a recording and FOH engineer.

Since then, he has worked for mixing console manufacturers serving as Global Sales Director for the Neotek Corporation, and for the past 27 years as National Sales and Brand Manager for Soundcraft USA where he was involved in all aspects of the company’s business.

“Many of us have known Tom for years and he is a consummate professional with amazing industry connections, deep product and market knowledge, and a great track record of developing compelling professional audio products,” says American Music & Sound Vice President, Pro Audio Division, Rob Impala. “We know Tom will be a key part of our continued growth with the Allen & Heath brand and welcome him to the team.”

“I’m super stoked to be part of Allen and Heath’s future,” notes Der. “It’s a great brand that has been hitting on all cylinders yet still has a ton of room for growth. They share my passion for great mixing consoles and it’s an honor to join the brand and the US team. I look forward to helping increase the brand’s footprint in the states and being involved in the development of even more amazing A&H products in the future!”