Winners of UPnXt DJ Contest Announced

The 2023 DJX Show UpnXt DJ Contest for aspiring youth DJs has come to an exciting conclusion. After intense competition and a display of exceptional talent, BASSBOSS is proud to announce the winners of the social media video challenge, who now have the opportunity to showcase their DJ skills at DJX’23, held at the Atlantic City Hard Rock Hotel in August.

DJ Dillion (Dillon Jordan, 17) took the top spot as the challenge winner, with his great material choices and innovative style. At just 8 years old, DJ Dillion asked his parents to get him a DJ controller – and ever since has been dedicated to learning his craft. He has now been DJing for 9 years, and in addition to winning the UPnXt Challenge, he has won numerous other contests, including the 2020 We Are Hip-Hop DJ Battle and the 2021 CLT DJ Battle.

DJ Giz and DJ EliT (Franklin Burch, 12 and Elijah Thomas,14) secured second and third place, respectively. Their infectious beats and undeniable talent impressed the judges, and their performances promise to show how younger DJs are pushing the field forward.

The winner will receive an exclusive VIP trip to Atlantic City, NJ – including an all-access pass to DJX’23. Furthermore, all three winners get to perform a DJ set at the renowned BASSBOSS “Demolition Room” and floor booth during DJX’23.

“We are thrilled to congratulate DJ Dillion, DJ Giz, and DJ EliT for their remarkable talent in the UpnXt Challenge,” said Lian Amber, CEO of BASSBOSS. “Their skills, dedication and passion for music have shone through, and we cannot wait to witness their sets at DJX’23! These young DJs are the future of the industry, and we are proud to provide them with this opportunity to shine.”

The UPnXt DJ Contest was a unique collaboration between BASSBOSS and the #NoChaser International Kidz DJ Cafe, a self-funded organization that provides a safe space for children to learn and grow through music and art programs. Located in Philadelphia, PA, the Kidz Cafe aims to educate youth on the art of DJing, aspects of DJ history and culture, and running a successful entertainment business. Participating youth DJs have various opportunities at local radio stations and venues, including corporate events, large social gatherings, and weddings.

The UPnXt Challenge brought together both BASSBOSS’ and Kidz DJ Cafe’s passion for music and the desire to showcase and support young talent. To enter, youth DJs submitted five minute videos of a DJ performance, and were evaluated on musical material, DJ skills, and presentation.

All contestants of the UPnXt Challenge will also be performing at a Silent Disco party on Tuesday evening in the BASSBOSS Demo Room, as well as Immolakee Studio B at the Hard Rock Hotel, Atlantic City NJ from 6-8 PM, and all day on Wednesday, August 9th at the BASSBOSS Booth #503 on the floor of the trade show.

DJX’23 will also be hosting a youth-driven panel discussion featuring International Kidz Cafe youth, where they will describe the challenges faced by non-typical DJs of all ages and demographics in their seminar “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.” Expect a session filled with solutions and inspiration on Tuesday, August 8th in Hollywood Ballroom East at 4:30pm.